Rescued Dogs Project – Nyx & Finn

Rescued Dogs Project – Nyx & Finn

Imagine, just for a minute, starting your young life in a shelter. Not any shelter, but a high-kill shelter where your chances of survival are slim. This is where Nyx’s story begins. As for Finn, she was born in the safety of foster care after her mom was rescued and brought to Wisconsin. For both puppies, their journey was just beginning. These are the next two dogs in my Rescued Dogs Project.

Rescued Puppies

Lucky for Nyx, she was transported with other puppies from the shelter in Texas to a rescue in Indiana. Unfortunately, this little girl was very sick and infested with parasites. Emily Hanson offered to adopt this pup and nurse her back to health. As Emily said, “I picked her out of all the puppies because even being sick she was confident and sassy”. Having plenty of experience treating animals at the vet clinic where she worked, Emily was sure Nyx would benefit from her care. According to Emily, “It took several months to get her healthy, she needed a foot surgery for an infection, and a lot of medications”. Emily had to wait almost eight months to spay Nyx, allowing her to regain her health and put on weight.

Rescued Dog Shadow Dog Photography

Nyx, the Daughter of Chaos

With a little puppy in her lap and heading back to Wisconsin, Emily began thinking about a name. Nyx is of Greek origin, and in mythology is the primordial Goddess of the Night, daughter of Chaos. What a fitting name for a pup with a rough start, but still showing signs that she was going to be a handful for Emily. Today Nyx has grown into Emily’s puppy mama for all of the young pups that Emily fosters. According to Emily, “She makes sure they behave like good kids.” 

Adopted Dog Shadow Dog Photography

Finn the Black Puppy

Finn’s mom was saved by JR’s Pups-N-Stuff, a rescue organization in West Allis, Wisconsin. This is where Finn was born, and was now the only pup left of the litter. While Emily was working at a vet clinic, Finn came in with her foster mom for a routine checkup. Emily said, “While at the clinic I sat on the floor with her to hold her for the exam, and she promptly crawled into my lap and fell asleep.” I think it’s safe to say it was love at first sight, Emily adopted Finn.

Black Rescued Dog Shadow Dog Photography

The Perfect Name

Finn is named after Seraphim, the heavenly host of angels with six fiery wings. Emily chose this because Finn seemed both strong and infinitely sweet. Emily shared, “Finn is still the easiest and best behaved dog I have ever had. She wants nothing more than to please and curl up under a blanket next to a person.” Being part greyhound, Finn is also one of the strongest and fastest dogs Emily has ever had. Finn also loves water, and according to Emily, “the first time I took her she ran straight to the water, down the dock, and jumped in like she had been swimming her whole life.”

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Gentle Leader

Being a foster mom herself, Emily appreciates the value of a good leader dog. Apparently Finn loves to play with the foster pups, but always plays softly and gently with them. Emily will often tether the new pups to Finn when it’s time to learn how to walk well on a leash. Finn has a gentle way of teaching these new ones how to walk well and behave nicely. 

Adopted Dogs Shadow Dog Photography

Two Rescued Dogs Shadow Dog Photography

Happy Ending

For both Nyx and Finn life has taken a bright and happy turn for the better. These are two well adjusted, confident dogs that want nothing more than to please. They’re now living the good life and modeling proper dog behavior to young pups that need a safe place to stay. It was such a pleasure meeting Nyx and Finn, and of course Emily who clearly adores these two rescued dogs. Once again I am left feeling there are some pretty amazing people in this world. People who care deeply for the health and wellbeing of others, especially animals who find themselves helpless and homeless. I am honored to celebrate these animals and their humans in my Rescued Dogs Project.

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