Rescued Dogs Project – Nyle

Rescued Dogs Project – Nyle

It’s amazing what a dog can overcome. Take Nyle for example. Here’s a dog with no teeth and no hearing. Yet he’s happy, playful, and living a great life. All because a great team of people stepped up and rescued a dog that couldn’t help himself. Let me share Nyle’s story with you, the beautiful, deaf dog in my Rescued Dogs Project.

Sheltered Beginning

It was a rough start for little Nyle. Life began in a Texas shelter with his mom, dad, and littermates. Sadly a respiratory illness took the life of the entire family, sparing only Nyle. This boy spent his puppy year living in the confines of the shelter, waiting for a home of his own. Along came Hurricane Harvey, leaving many local dogs homeless in the devastation. The shelter needed to clear out the current residents in order to make room for hurricane dogs needing help. Nyle found himself on a transport to Wisconsin.  

A Deaf Dog

Thanks to the amazing work of Woof Gang Rescue located in Racine, Wisconsin, Nyle had a second chance. This sweet young boy was paired with Samantha Morris, where he stayed as her foster dog for a few months. It was quickly discovered that he was almost completely deaf and had an underdeveloped lower jaw. To add to his problems, Nyle had only twelve teeth left in his mouth. These teeth were rotten, broken, and causing him great pain and discomfort. Despite all of these challenges Nyle continued to be a happy pup. Samantha said, “He loved being outside, and loved his first time seeing snow!” She also adored Nyle’s toothless kisses, which she lovingly called his “gummy hugs”. 

Rescued Dogs Project


Along came Halee Wilson, who adopted young Nyle. Halee said, “I had his teeth removed and since then he has been so happy. His tongue always hangs out due to his small lower jaw and no teeth, and we worry about sunburn or frostbite, but despite that and the deafness, he lives his best life!” In addition to having teeth removed, Halee also went the extra step to learn American Sign Language (ASL) using this to teach Nyle his commands. That’s dedication to communicate with Nyle!

Rescued Dogs Project

Nyle’s living the good life with Halee and his canine brother Astro. These two dogs love to play together all the time, they get along so well. In fact, Astro is the only dog Nyle will allow to cuddle with him. As for family time, Halee said, “We love to go on hikes, swim, learn new tricks and play in the snow together – however we also love to cuddle up under some blankets on the couch!” 

Rescued DogRescued Dogs Project

Deaf Dog

Nyle’s Favorites

Nyle has some favorite foods, including lettuce, pumpkin, and blueberries. Other than food, Halee says, “Nyle loves butt scratches so much he will perfectly position himself in front of someone to get butt scratches.” This is a dog who knows what he wants and lets you know it too!

Rescued Dogs

Deaf White Dog

Rescued Dogs Project

As a dog photographer I meet many canine subjects and models. Spending time with Nyle reminded me of why I do what I do. Here is a deaf dog, that with the help of some amazing people, is living a life of pure joy. He didn’t need teeth or hearing, he just needed a second chance. That’s what my Rescued Dogs Project is all about, celebrating these amazing rescued dogs that still have so much life to live.

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