Jan Bezzo

Timeless Photos that Capture your Pet’s True Personality

Pets are an important part of your family. Perhaps you only have some cell phone snapshots. You’d really like some photos that show who your pet really is. Maybe it’s that crazy, goofy personality that makes you laugh every day. Every. Day. But before you know it your pet is older, and isn’t as playful as he used to be. He’s slowing down and maybe likes to sleep more than play. You’re trying to remember those funny, silly moments. Trying to etch them into your memory so you never forget.

You just brought home a puppy! Congratulations, the fun is just beginning. The antics of a new puppy in the household are non-stop. Crying for some loving, chewing your table legs (please chew this toy instead!), chasing your much older kitty (no puppy, don’t chase the kitty!), perfecting the magical head-tilt. Wait! That head tilt is changing, it’s different than last month. The ears aren’t as fluffy. Those legs are getting longer, and your puppy isn’t as round and pudgy. Are you letting those puppy moments slip by undocumented? Will you remember all of the rowdiness, the shenanigans, the tomfoolery? Once it’s gone it’s GONE.

Pets in the family are a part of life (definitely a part of my life), and you cherish their company each and every day. If only they would stay with us forever! But the sad truth is our pets aren’t with us long enough, and some day will only be a memory. You want to capture those much-loved moments while you still can, while your animals are still making you laugh and smile.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Jan Bezzo, and I create photographic art of your beloved pets that will preserve those memories forever. 

I am a photographer that specializes in pets. That’s it, just pets. And sometimes their people too. I work with clients to fully understand their visions, then I create custom and unique images. Every pet means something different to every person. My goal is to make that connection and provide photographic artwork that makes people smile. A lot.

I’ve been around animals my entire life. Smelling like horses or being covered in cat and dog hair has always been normal (isn’t it??) for me. Spending days and nights at the show barn, often missing out on a whole lot of sleep. Dogs and cats have always been a part of my life, both at home and everywhere I went. Nowadays my family shares our home with two German Shepherds, a leopard gecko, and fish.

Photography has always been my way of capturing those candid moments, and I still love looking back at pets that have long since left me. For several years now I have worked closely with rescue organizations. Taking a photo of a homeless dog or cat was a natural fit for me. Taking a photo that told each animal’s story, that connected the viewer to that animal—that became my passion. Capturing the image that makes you feel like that animal is looking deep into your soul, that’s what it’s all about for me.


What They’re Saying:

“Jan is a crazy talented photographer who manages to capture your pet in his natural element. Even if your pet is wary of strangers, he will be comfortable around her. On top of that, Jan is incredibly professional but also super outgoing. I’ve had a fantastic experience with Shadow Dog Photography, and I think you will, too.” – Liz A.

“If you want really outstanding art photos taken of your dog with a stress free environment, Shadow Dog Photography is the best place. Jan has several acres of beautiful property that she uses as a stunning backdrop. She is very genuine and professional, she has a way with dogs that brings out their best.”  – Carol W.

“Jan of Shadow Dog Photography did a wonderful job resulting in many beautiful photos of my senior dog in his favorite spots in the landscape. She is amazingly patient and talented to bring out the best in my dog. The canvas we chose from the many stunning photos she took is a work of art and makes us smile. It was a great experience.”  – Barb B.



Learn more about a photo session today. Your pets are worth it!