10 Ways to Celebrate Spring With Your Dog

10 Ways to Celebrate Spring With Your Dog

Spring is finally here! If your dog is already blowing his coat, you know it’s time for warmer weather. If you’re in the mood to do something nice for your four-legged friend, consider these top 10 ways to celebrate the coming of Spring with your dog.

Find a Dog-Friendly Trail to Hike

If you’re up for some exercise and your dog is ready for action, find a local dog-friendly trail to hike. There are plenty of beautiful trails and paths throughout Southern Wisconsin, so the options are endless. Hiking is an excellent outlet for dogs to blow off some steam while also engaging with their environment. Whether you’re a beginner hiker or a seasoned expert, bring your dog along to a nice hike or nature walk and bask in the warmer weather. 

Hiking Dog at Nordic Trail in La Grange Wisconsin

Celebrate with a Spring Haircut 

If your dog is in need of good grooming, take him out back for a brushing or schedule an appointment with a groomer. Dogs often shed their coats in the Spring, so brushing and grooming is essential. It sure does make for less vacuuming! Make time to spoil your furry friend and get him the pampering he deserves.

Try a New Dog Sport

There are tons of dog sports waiting to be explored by you and your dog. Whether it be dock diving, agility, or flyball, look around for some new sports to try. Even if your pup has never tried any before, it could be beneficial to have a new outlet for exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs who like water often do well in dock-diving. High-drive dogs might succeed in agility (or click here for other sports ideas for high-drive dogs). Who knows what your dog is capable of? Check out your local sport clubs or set up an agility course in the yard. It could be lots of fun for you and your canine companion. 

Disc Dog at Shadow Dog Photography Whitewater Wisconsin

Host a Dog-Friendly Barbecue

What’s better than a cookout for both people and dogs? While there are burgers and hotdogs on the grill, your dog and his other furry friends can enjoy frozen treats, dog-friendly games, or puzzle toys in the yard. A dog-friendly barbecue is a great way to catch up with neighbors and relatives, while also allowing your dog to socialize and make new friends. However, always remember to supervise interactions between dogs, especially if food is involved.

Go for a Group Walk this Spring

Feeling a little lonely? Consider scheduling a group walk with your friends and their dogs. It’s a fantastic way to get exercise and be social at the same time. Catch up with your friends and let your dogs do the same. The landscape is starting to brighten these days, so pick a park to traverse or even just stroll through the neighborhood. Feel free to join Hikes & Hounds Wisconsin for monthly dog-friendly hikes. 

Hiking Dogs at Scuppernong Trail Dousman Wisconsin

Go Shopping for New Dog Toys

Spoiling your dog with new toys is a fun way to show him some love this season. So, maybe it’s time to retire those old winter toys and break out some new ones! Consider taking your dog to a local pet store and letting him pick out a couple new toys. And, heck, while you’re there, look at any other fun treats or accessories that might brighten his day and have him feeling his best in the new weather. 

Get Some Spring Cleaning Done

While Spring cleaning may sound like a massive chore, think about tidying up your dog’s space as well. Whether your dog finds comfort in a cozy crate or a soft bed, take the time to clean and disinfect his space. You can give his toys a wash too, and remember to clean his food and water bowls. Again, Spring cleaning might seem like a drag, but it can help your dog remain clean and healthy in his space.

Go for a Sniff Walk

A great way to celebrate spring with your dog is to get outside. Allowing your dog to sniff around on walks or hikes is very beneficial to his mental health. Interacting with the smells of the environment is a great form of mental enrichment and can leave you with a tired pup at the end of the day. This is especially helpful with high-energy dogs. Since Spring is here, there will be plenty of new smells and things to inspect. That means your dog will be busy on your next walk. 

Celebrate with a Pup Cup or Fancy Treat

If you frequent your local Starbucks, think about bringing your dog through the drive-through to get his own special treat. Pup Cups are a great snack to celebrate Spring with. Another option is to check out your local pet stores to see if they have any dog friendly cookies or desserts. While you’re at it, get yourself something delicious too. 

Take Photos in the Great Outdoors

To commemorate the coming of Spring, take some pictures of your furry friend outside. With beautiful flowers blooming and lots of greenery to see, nature makes an amazing backdrop for photos. If you’re looking to take that a step further, consider booking a session with a professional dog photographer such as myself. It’s a great way to make new memories with your dog and remember the fun moments of Spring. Click here to learn more about your own portrait session.

German Shepherd in Whitewater Wisconsin

There are many different ways to celebrate warmer weather and beautiful days to come. Your dog knows it’s time to get back outside in the fresh air, so what are you waiting for? Go the extra mile and spoil your pup this Spring.

Speaking of Spring, it’s time to think about tack safety. Read more about how to keep you and your pup safe during tick season.

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