Rescued Dogs Project – Fawkes the Chihuahua Mix

Imagine being a month old, weighing less than a pound, and starting your life in a high kill shelter. This is where we begin with Fawkes the Chihuahua mix, in the Rescued Dogs Project.

Starting Over in Wisconsin

Fawkes and his mother made the trip from the shelter in the south to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Since Fawkes was so young and vulnerable, he and his mom were fostered by Carly for about two months. After this time Fawkes’ mom went back to the shelter to be spayed and find her forever home. Carly just couldn’t let go of Fawkes though, so she decided to adopt him and make it permanent.

Adopted Chihuahua Shadow Dog Photography

Escaping Death

Before Carly could officially adopt Fawkes, he had to go back to the shelter to be neutered. Unfortunately there were complications during his surgery. Fawkes’ heart stopped and it took the veterinary team almost five minutes to revive him and get his heart started again. After a week of recovering at home Fawkes was back to normal, as if nothing had happened. Carly said, “Only after a friend reminded me of his namesake did I realize how meant to be we were.  He is named after the Phoenix in Harry Potter that dies and is reborn from his ashes.  He is definitely my little Phoenix.”

Chihuahua Shadow Dog Photography

Fawkes is now over a year, and together with Carly, volunteers at the humane society. This little Chihuahua mix is teaching children the proper way to interact with dogs and the important work the shelter does for animals and the community.

The Friendly Chihuahua Mix

Fawkes is a pup that loves life and everything in it, especially his big hairy Rough Coated Collie brothers. The tiny Chihuahua mix loves cuddling and playing with Remus (one of the Collies). He also loves saying hello to people, but Carly said, “he only sticks around long enough to say hi and then moves on to another person or something else to explore. Once he gets to know you he will give the biggest submissive smile when he sees you again.” Sweet Fawkes also loves children, in fact the younger the better, according to Carly.

Chihuahua and Rough Coated Collies Shadow Dog Photography

Family Trips

Fawkes and the two collies go on trips to a cabin belonging to Carly’s parents. This is Carly’s favorite thing to do with the pups, where she can watch them enjoy life and just be dogs. They swim and run and get to be themselves. Carly said, “I hope someday to take Fawkes along on one of my cross country road trips. Remus and I drove to New York City and Maine and I would love to take Fawkes next time.”

Running Chihuahua Shadow Dog Photography

As for food, Fawkes will try just about anything once, but his favorites are frozen sweet potato pieces and treats he steals from the cats! Although Fawkes is a small dog, he doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. It seems the big dogs know better than to touch his bones or food.

Rescued Dogs Project Shadow Dog Photography

Happy Ending

Fawkes the Chihuahua mix may have started life without a family, but he’s now living happily with Carly, two big dogs, and cats. What a great ending for such a fun loving, friendly, and sweet little rescued dog. 

Rescued Dogs Shadow Dog Photography

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