Urban Dog Project


This summer I was downtown with dogs!

I love the woods, and frankly, so do many of my clients. As a pet photographer, I was looking for a change of scenery, and a new challenge to test my skills. While out playing with my dogs, an idea snuck into my head. Take the camera and the dogs into downtown locations! And so my #UrbanDogProject was born. So many possibilities, so many urban locations.

I decided our first destination would be downtown Kenosha. I put out a model call for small to medium sized dogs, and boy did I get an enthusiastic response! I wish I could have chosen everyone, but I had to select those who were best suited for this job. 

After deciding on my final models (and their humans), we met in Kenosha and visited many fun locations. This was a great way to discover dog-friendly businesses, and there were so many gorgeous colors and textures. Just so different from those green, natural, parks and woods. It was refreshing to go somewhere new, dry and best of all mosquito-free!

Kenosha’s downtown has so much to offer. My next few posts will be highlighting our various adventures, and the different shops and restaurants that were buzzing with activity. So many dogs and places, so little time! 



Tucker was happy to help me welcome you all to downtown Kenosha.

One stop with lots of potential (for the humans) is the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. Did you know this is right in downtown Kenosha? This museum boasts the largest display of theropod dinosaurs. Not sure what that means? Be sure to visit the museum to find out. And they have fun events for the whole family too! We stayed outside – but that’s okay, we had fun too.


Schatzi, is that a Dilophosaurus next to you??

The Dinosaur Discovery Museum was pretty quiet when we visited out front, but that was probably because we stopped by pretty early in the morning. That’s okay, it was still fun to check out the dinosaurs outside! Look at the size of these guys, I’m sure glad they’re not still roaming the earth.


Foxy wanted to size up the competition…

Another great morning stop was The Coffee Pot. And for all you dog lovers out there, this restaurant is dog-friendly! Well-mannered pups are welcome to join you for breakfast on the outdoor patio during the nice weather. 


Delta was ready for breakfast at The Coffee Pot.

Did you just “drop” some bacon? The Coffee Pot was a colorful, bustling place to stop with the dogs for pictures. People were friendly and very welcoming. If you haven’t visited yet, check out the menu, then go and order the Percolator – you can thank me later.


Harper was patiently waiting her turn for breakfast on the patio.

That was just a couple of the stops we made this summer while visiting downtown Kenosha. I’ll post more images and stories in the days ahead. I will also be extending my #UrbanDogProject to other cities since I have come to love what these places have to offer. I have some new locations up my sleeve, so I’ll be looking for more dog models in the future. I love my job as a pet photographer, I get to explore new places with fabulous dogs and humans. So stay tuned, more to come!

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