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What is a Dog Owner to Do?

We recently moved to the Whitewater, Wisconsin area, on five amazing acres surrounded by Kettle Moraine State Forest. I think our two German Shepherds were the happiest, loving their new acre of fenced-in freedom. My big challenge however, was to find a safe place for our dogs to stay when we travel. It’s never easy to go away and leave your dogs in someone’s care, it’s a constant worry. And our two dogs are pretty high maintenance. They’re reactive, nervous, and they just don’t play well with others. So who would be able to take our two? The solution to my problem: SkyDance Pet Lodge.

SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

Here is a boarding and daycare facility that puts a new spin on personal care for your pets. Located in Dousman, WI, it all starts when you first enter the lobby. It’s peaceful and dare I say…relaxing? Actually I feel like I’m entering a spa, not a boarding kennel. There’s gentle music playing, soft lighting, and not a hint of any animal smells. Everyone is soft spoken, to people and to the dogs. 

The Lobby at SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

When I first visited, the staff asked lots of good questions about my dogs. Personalities, health, any special needs, playtime preferences, dietary needs, medications, and more. I felt like my dogs were important, and their happiness and well being was priority. Of course I’m always skeptical when I visit any new boarding facility. Having two rather demanding, high maintenance dogs has that effect on you. But very quickly I felt at ease and in good hands. 

For anyone with difficult dogs, this is the place for you. SkyDance will take any dog. With time, patience, and lots of extra care, even the most fearful dogs are worked with until they become comfortable. It may take several visits, but the staff are all specially trained to work with all dog temperaments. Owners often breath a sigh of relief when they learn their dog “passed” and is invited to visit SkyDance regularly. For those of us with the dogs that take more work, this is a welcomed change.

I was offered a tour of the facility. After leaving the lobby we passed through an indoor play room, which is a good option when the weather doesn’t cooperate, or when you have a dog that just can’t be outdoors. The space is bright and roomy, and has a wonderful non-slip floor.

Indoor play room at SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

The indoor play room is big and bright with a non-slip floor.

Lodging Suites

Our next stop was the a suite called the Outpost. Talk about luxury! A daybed with plenty of blankets and pillows, this room looks out to the outdoor play yard. What a great location for the dog that loves attention, since this suite is in an area with higher foot traffic.

Outpost Suite at SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

The Outpost Suite

Moving on, there were different lodging choices. And if you have more than one dog, there are suites to allow them to stay together. It was amazing, as we toured the different lodging areas one thing remained constant. It didn’t smell like dogs! Instead it was fresh, and there was so much light. The feel of calm continued throughout, and it certainly helped to look out windows and doors overlooking the Kettle Moraine State Forest. To see the various dog lodging choices available, click to learn more.

SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

All suites have a very bright and open feel.

SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

Care is taken to ensure all dog guests are comfortable during their stay.

Outdoor Play Areas

It was interesting, because as we walked through the building, all of the dogs just seemed settled. It’s no wonder really. The dogs are kept busy, with regular play times and bathroom breaks. For those visiting for daycare, they have playgroups of no more than 5 dogs. Temperaments have been tested, so those who get along have the chance to play together.

SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

The expansive outdoor play area that can accommodate various groups of dogs.

Other Pets

What if you have a cat? No worries, they’re welcomed too. SkyDance has a Cat and Critter Cottage where these smaller pets can stay. The room is so peaceful and cozy, I’m sure the animals here feel very secure. This room is upstairs and away from the action of the dog lodging so it really is a quiet zone. Fear not, your special feline friend will receive plenty of love and attention, it’s not all about the dogs! To learn more about boarding your cat, click to see what’s offered.

Cat Suite at SkyDance Pet Lodge Shadow Dog Photography

The Cat and Critter Cottage is quiet and peaceful.


No stay would be complete without a full spa treatment! Grooming is offered as a full treatment, or you may pick and choose how you would like to pamper your pup. And if you don’t plan to board your dog for awhile, you can still book in for a grooming appointment. Your dog will thank you. Read more about your spa treatment options.

Personalized Treatment

As I toured SkyDance Pet Lodge, it quickly became apparent this is a boarding and daycare facility like no other. Not only does the experienced staff personalize each dog’s stay, but safety and good health are priority. As someone who owns two rather complicated dogs, I was comfortable knowing I had a safe and enriching place for them to stay. In fact they stayed at SkyDance over the Christmas break, and they thrived. Not only did the staff love on them, but both dogs were in very good spirits when I picked them up. 

Needless to say, SkyDance Pet Lodge is my choice for boarding and grooming. If you want the best care for your dog or cat (or other small critters) look no further. I’m certainly relieved I found this gem, right in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. 

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