Rescued Dogs Project – Roxie the Newfoundland Mix

Can you imagine being a young, eight month old puppy, all alone in a shelter? Roxie was this puppy, sitting at the shelter waiting for her own forever family to come along. This Newfoundland mix is now five, living a happy life, and this is her story in the Rescued Dogs Project.

Rescued Dogs Project Shadow Dog Photography

Ready to Adopt a Dog

Just over nine years ago, Mallory was looking for another dog. She felt her one year old pup Gibbs needed a friend and playmate. So the search began, and this led Mallory to QC Paws, a shelter in Moline, Illinois. Gibbs went with Mallory to the shelter, just to be sure he liked the new addition. Although Mallory had her heart set on a  beautiful husky, Gibbs did not approve.

After a failed introduction with a second dog, Mallory wandered through the shelter kennels one final time. This is when she spotted a beautiful black Labrador Retriever who greeted her at the kennel gate. It was time for the big test, and thankfully Gibbs accepted this new puppy. Mallory knew it was the perfect match. She said, “I placed a deposit on her adoption, and came back the next day to pick her up. I was never more excited to adopt an eight month old puppy!”

Rescued Newfoundland Mix Dog Shadow Dog Photography

Black Dog Syndrome

While visiting with the shelter for the adoption, Mallory learned a bit more about Roxie’s past. This pup was purchased from an unknown source, but when the family couldn’t handle her as a tiny puppy, she was surrendered to the shelter. Shortly after arrival Roxie was adopted, but sadly she was surrendered once again.  According to the shelter, poor little Roxie then sat at the shelter for about three months with most people passing her over. Sadly, this is often referred to as the “Black Dog Syndrome”. For some black shelter dogs, this can be a death sentence. Luckily for Roxie, Mallory and Gibbs came along at the right time.

Newfoundland Dog Shadow Dog Photography

Newfoundland Mix

Fast forward several months, and Mallory learned that her “little black lab” was in fact a Newfoundland mix (add some Saint Bernard too). It can be tough when shelter staff receive a small black puppy. Sometimes you just have to give it your best guess when listing the breed.

Rescued Dog Shadow Dog Photography

Medical Mystery

Four years after adoption, Mallory and Roxie moved in with Mallory’s parents. Soon after the move, Roxie started with itchy patches all over her body. As Mallory said, “No shampoo, cream, or medication would help her. I thought I was going to lose my baby!” Thankfully an amazing team of local veterinarians, along with a specialized dermatologist came up with a diagnosis. Roxie was suffering from an autoimmune disease, which was treatable and manageable. Mallory said, “It has been 3 years since her first diagnosis, and she’s finally balanced to the point that she doesn’t get flair ups or itchy skin.”

Rescued Newfoundland Mix Shadow Dog Photography

Roxie Today

Roxie is happily settled into her new life. Being a dog that easily overheats, Roxie loves the snow and colder winter months. She enjoys tent camping trips, which she gets to do at least once each year. Describing Roxie, Mallory said, “She’s the most relaxed dog I’ve ever had. We’ve taken her to car shows, a local brewery, and baseball games, and she is so chill that I sometimes forget I have a dog with me!” Once while at a baseball game, there was a child that noticed Roxie and said, “Mommy look, a bear!” This is a memory Mallory will never forget.

Rescued Dogs Shadow Dog Photography

Happy Ending

As Mallory said, “Roxie has been with me through my ups and downs in life, and I wouldn’t trade any of those moments with my giant goober for any other dog!” I think it’s safe to say that Roxie is happily living a great life. She’s one of the rescued dogs that is thriving and loved. As a dog photographer I love working with these adopted dogs, I can see the bond and connection between the dogs and their humans. This is the reason behind the Rescued Dogs Project, to celebrate these happy endings. Roxie is no exception.

Newfoundland Mix Shadow Dog Photography


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