Rescued Dogs Project – Pari

Rescued Dogs Project – Pari

Rescued dogs are everywhere. In fact, you probably know someone who has one (or more). There are so many dogs who have been adopted, and for many their stories are known. Some stories are heavy, and sad, others are more straightforward. For most of these dogs though, their stories have a happy ending with a new, loving family. This is the beginning of the Rescued Dogs Project.

It’s time to highlight some of these dogs, and share their stories. I want everyone see how happy these adopted dogs are today. This project is in honor of those rescued dogs who braved a sad, confusing, and possibly scary journey to find their new forever home. As a dog photographer that has always loved rescues, it was important to me to shine a light on these dogs. They not only beat the odds and found a home (sadly not all dogs leave the shelter), but they’re living happily ever after and have put the past behind them. That’s the beautiful thing about dogs. They live in the moment. We have so much to learn from these amazing creatures.

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescued Dogs Project

Pari, the Indian Pariah Dog

First up I’d like to introduce Pari, an Indian Pariah Dog. This breed is native to India, and is also known as the Pye-Dog or Desi Dog. The word “Pariah” was used to describe a social outcast, which fits with this dog that often scavenges along the edges of society in the Indian subcontinent. Because of their low status in Indian society, this breed is intelligent and can easily thrive without depending on humans to survive.

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescue Dogs Project

Pari’s Story

Pari’s journey began in Kolkata, India. She was found wandering through the streets. Due to the nature of her injuries it is thought she was hit by a car. Pari would drag herself with her front legs because her back legs were useless. Sadly for Pari, people threw stones at her, and hit her, to scare her out of the marketplace.  

Pari was being fed by a local woman, and when she could no longer feed Pari, a rescue organization known as Stray Dog Support Inc. stepped in. Working together with Albert’s Dog Lounge, the search began for a suitable foster home. Pari’s fostering journey started with a lady in Virginia, who unfortunately could not continue Pari’s care. There were two more fosters, but again her level of care was just too much.  On top of the demanding medical needs, Pari was showing some difficult behaviors too. 

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescued Dogs Project

Love at First Sight

Shelly, Pari’s current owner, had been following Pari’s story and learned that a new foster was needed. She agreed to meet Pari in Madison at a vet appointment, and instantly fell in love. Shelly said, “She was amazing. Even dragging her back legs, she was loving and beautiful. My husband Renny and I decided to foster Pari. I went through her double amputation with her, cared for her, and sometimes even slept on the kitchen floor with her when she was not feeling well.”

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescued Dogs Project

Pari’s surgery went well, but there’s neurological damage that makes it hard for Pari to eliminate. Shelly said, “She knows to go outside, but sometimes it really hurts her to poop. Sometimes she puts her head in my chest and just cries, so we have come up with a diet that makes it easier for her. She still cries out, but we’re working on it.”

Shelly and her family adopted Pari. They connected with her immediately, and fell in love. As Shelly said, “She’s a very important part of our pack, and our lives.  We have a long road ahead of us, but we have only had her for 4 months. We’ve made great progress!”

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescued Dogs Project

A Member of the Pack

From street dog to princess! And yes, she is a princess. She has a wheelie cart, but she likes to run with the pack. Shelly just has to be careful to watch that Pari doesn’t hurt herself. For me, I had to see it to believe it, but indeed Pari can move herself on two legs! 

Indian Pariah Dog in Rescued Dogs Project


In fact, she can do stairs (as long as they’re not too steep) and she can jump off the furniture and play like a normal dog. Shelly reports, “Pari doesn’t know that she is handicapped. She plays tug of war, she runs, and in the summer she has a favorite spot on the hill where we sit and watch the sunset together. She is my love, and we are her loves. We are family, and for Pari to have overcome what she has, it’s truly a blessing.”

Shelly is eager to see Pari’s progress, as she truly transforms into the mighty little dog she was meant to be. There is so much love for this little dog with a very big story.

Pari is the first of the dogs in my Rescued Dogs Project, watch for more stories coming in the near future. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these amazing dogs and their incredible journeys. And if you have a rescued dog of your own, please give them a scratch behind the ears for me.   ~Jan

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