Rescued Dogs Project – Gypsy the Labrador

The Fox Red Labrador is vibrant and somewhat unique in color. But did you know this isn’t actually an official breed color recognized by worldwide kennel clubs? Interestingly, it’s one of the many shades of the Yellow Labrador. Gypsy is a striking red color, and she’s the next dog to be celebrated in the Rescued Dogs Project.

Rescued Dogs Project Shadow Dog Photography

Lonely Start

Imagine waiting for your puppies to arrive, only to have all twelve be stillborn. This was Gypsy’s reality when she was only four years old and delivering her third litter. Gypsy was used for breeding in northern Wisconsin. After three litters, the last of which was her twelve stillborn pups, Gypsy’s breeder no longer had any use for her. Poor Gypsy suddenly found herself unwanted and unloved, likely still mourning the loss of her babies. 

Lucky for Gypsy, she was safe. This girl was taken in by Tony of Annabelle Acres, a rescue organization located in Oconomowoc, WI.  This rescue specializes in Labrador Retrievers, so Gypsy was safe and in the company of other Labs too. For three months this sweet girl lived with the rescue, just learning how to be a dog. During this time, with the help of amazing people and other dogs, Gypsy began to blossom.  

Rescued Labrador Retriever Shadow Dog Photography

Searching for Another Dog

While Gypsy was recovering at Annabelle Acres, Shelby and Jake Holbert were considering adopting another lab to add to the family. Shelby said her friend shared the name of a rescue that takes in female dogs that are retired from breeding. Within a week Shelby and Jake packed up their two dogs, and were on their way to Annabelle Acres. According to Shelby, “Gypsy really needed to go to a home with other dogs to make her feel comfortable”. 

Heading Home

The next stage of Gypsy’s journey was going home with Shelby, Jake, Diesel and Sissy. It only took a few days to realize that Gypsy wasn’t going back. She was in her forever home. That was four months before I met her. This girl is sweet, gentle, and to me seems to be a very soft soul. As Shelby said, “She is still shy, timid and scared at times. I just love the times she shows you complete joy and happiness, whether it be running around the yard with her siblings or pure excitement that you’re home smiling and trying to give you her paw. I can’t wait to see who she is in a year”.

Rescued Dogs Shadow Dog Photography

Rescued Dogs Project Shadow Dog Photography


Rescued Labrador Shadow Dog Photography

While working with Gypsy, I had this sense that she is content. When I saw her run and play in the field she seemed happy and completely free. What a wonderful new chapter for a girl who lost her babies and found herself without a home. Now she’s living a great life with two amazing humans and two fun-loving canine siblings. Another happy ending for an adopted dog in my Rescued Dogs Project. 

Labrador Retriever Shadow Dog Photography


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