Enjoy a Walk at Shadow Dog Photography

Experts say we should get out into nature. It’s healing for our souls. I think it’s even better to get out there with our four-legged best friends. So join me, and together let’s enjoy a walk here at Shadow Dog Photography.

Our 10-acre property is located just outside of Whitewater, Wisconsin. If you’re familiar with Kettle Moraine State Forest, you’ll have an idea of what it’s like here. Just think pine and hardwood trees, a big kettle (that’s a crater-like depression that was formed from retreating glaciers) that’s now full of trees and brush, and LOTS of critters. Woods, trails, open fields, and tree-lined laneways. It’s our little piece of heaven on earth.

Playtime in the Field

If your dog is like most of my canine models, a leash is a must. Luckily we have over an acre that’s fenced in. This means your pup can run and play off leash, and you can sit back and relax, knowing he’s safe and secure.

Running Dog at Shadow Dog Photography in Whitewater Wisconsin

For the apprehensive dogs, this is a great way to start a portrait session. We play in the field, and your dog can run up to me and run away, all on his terms. I’m not yet asking him to do anything at all, which allows the nervous dogs to get more comfortable. I simply lay on the ground and capture the joy (and maybe the zoomies too).

Let’s Enjoy a Walk

Once your pal has settled in (or settled down if he’s a wild child), we snap on the leash and leave the field. Depending on what we’ve discussed when planning for your session, we may head right into the woods, or we may walk somewhere else such as nearby gardens. Typically we stay in the next location long enough to get some beautiful portraits before moving on.

Pitbull at Shadow Dog Photography

As your dog begins to settle in and get more comfortable with me and my camera, I’ll have a better idea of what types of poses or movement I think he’ll be comfortable with. We’ll visit different beautiful locations on the property.

Hound Dog Enjoys a Walk at Shadow Dog Photography Whitewater Wisconsin

Plan to Have Fun

One thing’s for sure here at Shadow Dog Photography: fun is priority! It’s never a stiff obedience session. In fact, I always caution my clients to lower their expectations if obedience if really important. The woods (and critters) are all very interesting and can be pretty distracting.

The dog who knows how to sit and stay beautifully may forget everything he’s learned when visiting for his portrait session. It’s okay! That’s why I prefer to call your portrait session a Shadow Dog adventure. When you’re out here for a walk it’s always exciting.

Husky Enjoying a Walk at Shadow Dog Photography Whitewater Wisconsin


It’s Peaceful at Shadow Dog Photography

If you have a reactive dog, or one that just doesn’t like crowds, you’ll love it here. As someone who’s owned by two reactive German Shepherds, I deeply appreciate the quiet.

I can take Targa and Scout out for a walk in the woods without worrying about the stress or drama of running into another dog. I mean, we do encounter deer and turkeys, and that can be exciting. But it’s never stressful. Ever.

And having worked with, and photographed, many, many reactive and nervous dogs, I know how to help a dog feel comfortable and safe. Having the beautiful space to work with these dogs makes the experience so much better. I can easily keep my distance and still capture stunning portraits of your pup. I promise.

Terrier Mix at Shadow Dog Photography Wisconsin

Time to Rest

After your dog has had a blast during his Shadow Dog adventure, he’ll probably be pretty tired. Many of my clients have told me their pup was passed out before they drove off the property. Some are even still napping the next day! It’s a good tired though, the kind of tired that happens after having so much fun you just can’t keep your eyes open any longer.

So what do you think, are you ready to enjoy a walk at Shadow Dog Photography? Click here to get in touch. Let’s chat about the adventures waiting for you and your pup.

This post is part of a blog circle with other fabulous photographers around the globe. Up next: Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography in Spokane, WA, making sure you have great images to fill a photo album.  Click the link at the end of each post to enjoy more content, until you end up right back here. Back in the Shadow Dog pack.

Hi, I'm Jan

I help dog parents celebrate their best friends with adventurous portrait sessions and extraordinary artwork for their home. Tail wags and smiles guaranteed! Based in Whitewater, WI.


  1. Terri

    Wow how lucky you are to have such a beautiful property for your dog photography!

    • Jan Bezzo

      Thanks Terri, I thank my lucky stars each and every day. It’s beautiful here.

  2. Tracy Allard

    What a beautiful property, lucky you to have your own “outdoor studio”!

    • Jan Bezzo

      Thanks, I feel very lucky indeed!


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